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MIND CPH is a modern clinic with specialized metacognitive psychologists, who are well-experienced in helping people and giving concrete tools to manage their specific difficulties.

Everyone can experience anxiety, depression, stress, overthinking, worrying or other mental difficulties throughout their lives. No matter when, where or what your problems are, they do not have to take over your wellbeing.

At Mind CPH we listen to you and capture your difficulties, so we together can plan the sessions, so it fits you and your needs. We provide you with tools and technics to increase your mental flexibility, so you can choose how much time your thoughts and feelings should take up.

We will focus on your unique situation and adapt the sessions to your specific needs. We strive to establish a space, where you can feel comfortable and safe.

Our clinic is placed in the centre of Copenhagen, where we have free wifi, tea, coffee, chocolate, magazines, and books in our cosy waiting room.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to hear more about what we can do for you. You can reach us at 31 11 13 15 or at Hello@mindcph.dk.
Evidence based therapy

Metacognitive therapy is newer psychological treatment method, which has shown to be effective in treating of a range of psychological difficulties. The effect of metacognitive therapy has been widely and well-documented in relation to depression and anxiety for example.

What is metacognitive therapy?

When you feel caught in a negative spiral, where you are stuck in your negative thoughts, you ofen feel trapped with no control to get out or stop this negative spiral.

Most people experience that their thinking is uncontrollable and this feeling can be intimidating. When you feel that you are not able to control your own trains of thoughts, then one’s own head becomes an uncertain place and perhaps even dangerous. You begin to overthink scenario that has not jet happened, but you are not able to stop this process of overthinking. Furthermore, as the thoughts and feelings increases and the feeling of not knowing how to stop it takes over, more thoughts, worries and feelings also appears.

But luckily the feeling of not having control is only a feeling, because thoughts are actually not uncontrollable or harmful. It is as a matter of fact the opposite, because worry and rumination are surprisingly easy to get control over. Control is one of the first thing, that you will learn in metacognitive therapy - how to regain control over our mental processes, so the negative thoughts and feeling don’t have you take up so much of our time.

Basically, the goal with metacognitive therapy, is to get control over your thinking and how you can respond to thoughts. This new way of thinking will give you more mental flexibility and the ability to choose, what you want to think about and how long you want to think about it. When you are in control of this (which you will learn relatively fast) most will experience a symptom relief.

What does an individual session at MIND CPH look like?

An individual session at MIND CPH takes place in our cosy clinic at Bredgade in the centre of Copenhagen and takes around 50 minutes.

Doing the sessions the psychologist will introduce you to some metacognitive tools, exercises, and techniques, that will be helpful for you and your difficulties. In between your sessions you will be able to try to use the practiced tools and techniques, so we are sure that they will be used right there where they are need – in the real world and not only in the sessions.

It is important that you feel comfortable and secure in your sessions, therefore you will throughout your sessions at MIND CPH have the same psychologist. However, we know that the relation between you and the psychologist is an important part of therapy. If you experience that it is not the right chemistry or feel that the sessions should be different, then do not hesitate to tell the psychologist, they have full understanding of this aspect of therapy.

Booking an individual session at MIND CPH does not mean, that you have committed to a full therapy course, but just that one session. You can then book a new appointment after each session. It is also possible to cancel or change you session, as long as it is within our cancelation condition, which entails that you have to cancel before 3pm the day before your session, this can be done either by calling us in 31 11 13 15, send a mail to Hello@mindcph.dk or through our online booking system, where you can log in and cancel your session.

Online therapy

It is simple and easy to get metacognitive therapy online. If it is not possible for you to meet us in our clinic or just preferer to sit at home, then you can meet us online.

Online therapy is just as effective as therapy in the clinic, the biggest difference is that you do not have to think about transportation or parking – but you must make your own snack and coffee. We will still do our best to create a warm and safe atmosphere in the therapy, where your need is in focus.

Online sessions have shown to be just as effective as sessions held in our clinic. This is because you will meet the exact same exercises, techniques, and tools in an online session and a session in our clinic. Our psychologists are well experienced in online therapy, and how to facilitate a warm and safe session, where the focus is on you and how we can help you in the best way.

The session will take place as a video conference, where you can see and hear your psychologist as well as they can see and hear you. We use the platform Whereby.com, which is a secure platform to have therapy sessions on.

You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone. We have experienced that Safari web-browser often does not work, so we would recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox.

If you use your smartphone or tablet, then there is an app, that you can use.
  • Forløbet har gjort mig opmærksom på, at der har været bestemte strategier, jeg har brugt uden at være opmærksom på det, f.eks. at skubbe tanken væk, få dårlig samvittighed og føle at det er forkert at tænke sådan. Det har gjort mig opmærksom på, at man ikke behøves at have det sådan.

    Livia, 21 år: deltager på gruppeforløb
  • Jeg har haft en rigtig god oplevelse hos MIND CPH. Det har lært mig mange ting om mig selv, og hvordan jeg skal håndtere mine tanker og følelser. Jeg har især nydt at gennemgå teorier og tanker med en gruppe, der står i lignende situationer som mig.

    Iben, 27 år: deltager på gruppeforløb
  • Mind CPHs kurser har virkelig hjulpet mig. Jeg er blevet god til at opdage, hvornår jeg sidder fast i spekulationer og grublerier. Jeg kan give slip på de negative tanker. De er bare tanker og jeg har lært at genvinde kontrollen over dem. TAK!

    Anne, 33 år: deltager på gruppeforløb

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